Sunday, 12 April 2009



With all components near complete it is time to paint,

-Legs and feelers, colour predominantly from cast. So only basic Highlighting
-Thorax and abdomen will require the majority of my efforts needed a range of colour.

I'm quite new to airbrushing and have been utilising on-line tutorials. Above is one Thorax test which started well. The base was cast in TRIA red pigmented easy flow clear, the image illustrates the progression of the layers. The 4th going very wrong.

-I have began to keep details records of my paint tests. I record paint mixture and thinner ration, all the way to spray PSI for each layer. Meaning I can easily recreate an effect.


The base is slowly being painted. To achieve an convinced wood effect I have used washes of emulsion paint. It is slowly working but damn it is time consuming. So far it hasn't been photographing well. I've aimed to only paint using natural light and these photographs were not taken then.

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Roseanne said...

Looking good. Liking the red.