Friday, 12 December 2008

Searching, forever Searching

British Arachnological Society

My welcome pack arrive yesterday, so I am very happy at the moment, also I ordered a few books from the various reading lists in my hand book. Namely British Spiders Vol III G.H Locket + A.F. Milidge.

So far I've yet to find a specimen (in Bournemouth) But I will continue, of down to the south west in a few weeks probably have better luck there, mainly because I've seen them before......


I'm currently without a decent microscope, but I bought a small £5 field scope from the natural history museum range. Originally thinking it was going to be near useless but I have been presently surprised. I managed to mount my small Nikon coolpix 5600 to the eye piece in an attempt to capture some images, shown below.....

(I was shocked with the detail I managed to capture, click each to see larger)

Thursday, 4 December 2008

British Arachnological Society

I recently sent off my application to join the British Arachnological Society, and am now awaiting my welcome pack. I do this so I can gain more information upon British spiders.

I've always been meaning to join but have only just got around to it, hopefully I'll meet some interesting contacts who can help me with finding some specimens which I have yet to accomplish.