Thursday, 12 March 2009

final Moulding

PU Experiment

I plan on moulding the body using a Transil 40 (Platinum silicone) Jacket. My aim is to use as little as required my creating a matrix style mould. One issue I found with this is that fibre glass jackets (usually used in this mould type) can inhibit the surface of Transil 40.

-So my attempted solution is to use Fast cast to create the two part jacket to hold the silicone, shown above.

Spraying and moulding

The legs and body have now all been sprayed with cellulose lacquer, this will all be polished tomorrow and used for moulding. Meaning Monday morning I can begin to cast with the opti-clear.

Also My Easy Flow clear has arrived (which will be used for the abdomen), and works very well. So far only a single test has been produced, Next step is to try adding acetone to slow down the reaction so vacuuming may be ipossible.

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