Saturday, 21 February 2009

Sculpting near complete

Underside of female dysdera showing lungs openings and epigyne

Moulding the fang, using mould life mould studs at split line. This split mean that fang could be separately moulded without damaging it.

Details of abdomen sculpt, focus on spinnerets

Excluding the final 3 leg segments each part of the spider has been fully sculpted. The current estimation is the I am just over a week behind my original time plan. Due to the sculpting taking longer than originally though. An example of why is shown in the image's above. Using mainly dead specimens as reference specific area's change after death. The underside of the abdomen was heavily modified after a live image was taken of the lung openings.

Each sculpted part has now been moulded in fast cast and are being modified with joints so each piece can be moulded in opticlear and then be easily assembled. All moulds should be completed by the end of next week.

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